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The National Society for Road Safety
NTF - The National Society for Road Safety is a non governmental organisation which works to improve road safety.

NTF is an umbrella organisation and consists of 24 county road safety federations, 70 national, interest and professional organisations and hundreds of local voluntary associations. The national network is made up of thousands of people working to help you contribute to a safe road traffic.

  • NTF rouses public opinion of everyone’s right to safe road traffic in which fatalities and serious injuries are considered unacceptable.
  • NTF increases both people's will to call for and their ability to contribute to safe road traffic.
  • NTF promotes awareness of the importance of road safety to public health.

Read more:
What does NTF think?, NTF POLICY 2006-2007 (294 KB)
Fatalities in Swedish road traffic — an overview 0209 (102 KB)

Link to SNRAs (Swedish National Road Administration) english site about Road Traffic Safety

Link to
Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute

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NTF är en oberoende organisation som arbetar för allas rätt till en säker trafik.
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Fax: 08-705 59 50, E-post: info@ntf.se
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